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Mythbusters: GMO Peanuts

Peanut Mythbusters

It’s easy to be confused about what GMO really means. It took a late-night TV talk show host a long time to get the right answer when his crew visited a local farmer’s market to ask, “What’s a GMO?” After about a dozen interviews, the right answer comes out: “genetically modified organism.” So, what exactly is a GMO food?

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This Farmer Goes Whole Hog for Peanuts


In the Southwest corner of Georgia, deep in the thick of peanut country sits a family-owned farm known as White Oak Pastures. The farm’s affable and industrious owner, Will Harris, is continuing his family’s history of raising livestock in this area. And though he doesn’t grow them, peanuts have become a substantial part of Harris’ fifth-generation farm. His inspiration to start using them was the addition of pigs to his animal mix.

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Peanut Products Venture into New Territory and Embrace the Basics

New Product Trio

There’s nothing like cracking open a shell and tossing back a few crunchy salted peanuts, or enjoying a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Now there are even more ways to enjoy peanuts, peanut butter and other peanut ingredients like peanut oil and peanut powder. Small and large brands alike are embracing the latest trends in flavors, add-ins and packaging.

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Peanuts and Coke: Good Ideas Live On

boy drinking peanutscoke

One idea that could easily fall into the category of “absurd” is the Southern tradition of peanuts and Coke®–or more explicitly, pouring peanuts into your Coke® before taking a gulp. Today, one teacher in Georgia is doing her part to keep the peanuts-in-your-Coke® idea alive for her high school students.

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Don’t Strike Out with Snacks at the Ballpark. Peanuts are a Home Run.

Peanuts and Baseball

It’s time to swing into Spring, baseball and ball park visits. While you are keeping track of hits, runs and errors, let’s look at the statistics of the typical ballpark food.

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9 Surprising Facts about PB&Js


You’ve probably been eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches since you were a kid, but we’re willing to bet that there a few things that may still surprise you about America’s beloved sandwich.

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Have You Tried Peanut-Flavored Beer? Here’s How 2 Breweries Craft Beer That Patrons Go Nuts For


Grab a seat at a typical American bar and you’re likely to find peanuts to go with your beer. Now, craft brewers are incorporating peanuts into the brew.

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Think you may have a food allergy? Here’s what you should know.

Food Allergy Campaign

Have you ever asked yourself or wondered, “Do I have a food allergy?” it’s important to be evaluated and properly diagnosed by a board-certified allergist.

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Cha-Cha-Cha-Peanuts: Peanuts and chia have more in common than you think

Chia Peanut Butter

Maligned in the 1980s as a living decoration for clay figurines, chia seeds are experiencing a resurgence as a health food. And they have a perfect partner in peanuts.

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Ethnic Flavor Trends: Africa


According to National Restaurant Association, “African flavors are the hottest new cuisine to be explored by chefs around the country”.

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