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Add #PeanutPower to Your World Baking Day!

PB&J Cookies

World Baking Day, Sunday, May 17, is the perfect day to gather around with those you love and treat yourselves by baking some of your favorite recipes. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite #peanutpower treats to help inspire you to create something to share with your family, friends and colleagues.

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“You Can Live a Normal Life with Food Allergies”: FAACT CEO Discusses New Awareness Campaign

Food Allergy Campaign

The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT) and American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI) recently launched a new public service campaign aimed at building awareness about accurate food allergy diagnosis and management.

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5 Easy Mother’s Day Recipes

Mother's Day_Large

It’s not always about the gifts so much as the time spent together. Wanna make memories with Mom this Mother’s Day? Honor Mom with these delicious Mother’s Day recipes for her special brunch, lunch or dessert.

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Meals for a Deal: Best Bargains at the Grocery Store


Everyone wants to eat healthy, but how do you include all the food groups in your meals when on a budget? With rising prices at the grocery store, it can take some creativity to include protein in your meals without breaking your budget.

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Dr. Julia: Banish Hunger & Save Your Wallet at Practice with Peanut Trail Mix

Julia Nordgren

Spring has sprung! Which means a few wonderful things for our family. We all feel a bit happier. We get more active. We feel hopeful about this year’s garden. And we start planning our summer adventures.

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Behind the Scenes of a TV Cooking Segment

Atlanta Plugged In with Sherry

Have you ever wondered what it takes to put together a food shoot for television? In partnership with the Georgia Peanut Commission, National Peanut Board registered dietitian Sherry Coleman Collins (aka @PeanutRD on Twitter) often does on-air cooking demos on a local Atlanta outlet CBS 46 show Atlanta Plugged-in.

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Perfectly Powerful Peanut Pop-Up: Sandwich Delivery #PeanutPower Your Day with a PB&J

PBJ Delivery

We know you’ve heard about all of the #peanutpower chatter. Want to know how it all got started? To get people excited that #peanutpower and America’s peanut farmers had arrived in New York, and to kick-off a week of Perfectly Powerful Peanut Pop-Up events, we delivered nearly 150 PB&J lunches to New Yorkers on Monday, March 30.

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It’s Earth Day! Have You Seen Our Power Plant?

Earthday edited

Those delicious little kernels in a jar of peanuts have plant-based protein to help you power through your hunger. But you may not realize that the rest of the peanut plant is a source of power in other ways as well. Reducing waste and using renewable resources contributes to sustainability. That’s why on Earth Day we want you to know how the entire peanut plant can be used to power land and livestock, and even as a biofuel so that nothing goes to waste, and the whole plant gets used.

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Global Partnerships for a Future without Hunger: Hershey and Project Peanut Butter (Part II)

Hershey Project Peanut Butter Facility

Our interview continues with Jeff King, senior director, global brand for Hershey to find out more about their partnership with Project Peanut Butter in Ghana to help victims of severe acute malnutrition.

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Global Partnerships for a Future without Hunger: Hershey and Project Peanut Butter (Part I)

Hershey Project Peanut Butter

Late last year, the Hershey Company, in partnership with Project Peanut Butter, opened the project’s newest manufacturing facility in Kumasi, Ghana. The plant produces Project Peanut Butter’s peanut-based Ready to Use Therapeutic Foods (RUTFs) endorsed by leading NGOs as the world’s most effective treatment for severe childhood malnutrition. In this two-part series, we caught up with Jeff King, senior director, global brand for Hershey to find out more about the project and their plans for the future.

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