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Vintage Peanut Recipe: Peanut Butter Sundae Topping with Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Vintage Peanut Recipes

Scoop up the chance to enjoy a bowl of homemade ice cream with a delicious vintage peanut butter topping. The crowning feature is the peanut butter topping.

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5 Simple Ways to Spice Up Grilled Fruits and Veggies

Grilling with Family

Don’t forget about veggies & fruits during #NationalGrillingMonth. Try these 5 ways to spice them up %SURL%

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Apps to Help Keep You Healthy and Happy

Woman with Smartphone

When it comes to food—finding nutritious recipe ideas or creating a new dish—digital apps can be an inspiring place to start. Our dietitian friends have great recommendations of their favorite apps.

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Fit Bloggers Score Big with Peanut Butter for Breakfast

Peanut Apple Toastie

More than 300 bloggers learned about health, fitness and food at the annual FitBloggin’ Conference. We thought it would be fun to give them peanut butter and recipe ideas the night before to help them prepare for a busy morning. Read what they said.

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Looking for a Dairy Alternative? Try Making Peanut Milk at Home

Peanut Milk

With several recipes available online, it’s easy to turn a cup of raw peanuts into a silky smooth and creamy peanut milk! I followed this recipe from Bon Appetit to make a batch of peanut milk over the weekend. It was really simple and relatively inexpensive because it only calls for a couple of ingredients.

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Spotlight on Summertime Hunger–Golden Harvest Food Bank, Augusta, Ga.

Food Drive

This summer National Peanut Board is giving back. With its Fuel for Food Banks program, America’s peanut farmers will help tackle a key issue for many families: food insecurity. Over the next few months, we will highlight not only the need for donations of nutritious and convenient foods like peanut butter, but we will recognize those who address the growing problems in their local communities. First story: Golden Harvest Food Bank

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Add Blue to Your Breakfasts this Month

Peanut Berry Waffles

July is National Blueberry Month and we’re celebrating the powerful Superfood combination of blueberries and peanuts, especially at that most important meal of the day—breakfast!

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Vintage Peanut Recipe: Peanut Pie

Vintage Peanut Recipes

Are you looking for an easy, fast and delicious dessert to take to a cookout or a 4th of July get-together this summer? How about a recipe that has a little bit of tradition behind it, but will probably be received as all new? Then check out our vintage recipe for Peanut Pie.

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Bite-sized Treats for Fourth of July/Summer Entertaining

Fourth of July Small Bites

Fourth of July is just a week away. Many of you are preparing for your summer vacation or backyard bbq with family and friends. We have rounded up a few of our favorite treats from our favorite online magazines and bloggers. Food blogger, Kelly from Just a Taste shared the perfect potluck recipe for Crispy […]

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Can Eating More Veggies Bust Your Diet?

Vegetable Cheese Casserole

As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I’m always telling people to eat more fruits and vegetables for better health. Sounds like good advice, right? Yet, according to a new study from the USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS), there are some important caveats to include. Their research showed that increasing vegetable intake also increased total calorie intake.

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