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Celebrating Women Chefs: Laura Werlin: “Come to your work from a place of authenticity, then you can succeed”


Did you know that just 20 percent of chefs and head cooks are women, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics? Women are poised to bring a unique perspective to the professional culinary scene and we thought it would be interesting to interview some top female chefs. In a three part series we will highlight their experiences thus far.

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From Farm to Food: My Experiences in Peanut Country


Recently I traveled way down to Southwest Georgia for a National Peanut Board meeting. While there I had the opportunity to visit a farm and a peanut shelling facility where I learned a lot about the peanut business. Tracing a peanut’s roots back to the sun-soaked, sandy soil of Southwest Georgia taught me about being a peanut, and was an enlightening experience worth sharing.

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Peanut Favorites on Cooking Channel’s “Not My Mama’s Meals”

Not My Mamas Meals

It turns out we’re not just nuts about peanuts at the National Peanut Board, Cooking Channel is too! A recent episode of Bobby Dean’s show “Not My Mama’s Meals” focused on America’s favorite nut, including visits from Latin chef Roberto Santibanez and food lover/boxing superstar Laila Ali. Roberto shared his recipe for Peanut Chicken Casserole and Laila shared her favorite Peanut Butter Rice Pudding recipe.

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Delicious Peanut Easter Brunch Recipes

Peanut_ Easter Brunch Large

Easter is almost here and I am sure you know what that means. It is time to get together with family and friends and share a delicious meal. How about inviting them for an Easter brunch?

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Need a Study Break? Get Energized on Campus with a Peanut Butter Bar

Peanut Butter Bar

After a day full of classes or a night packed with studying, your next meal on campus should be energizing and exciting. One of the ideas we’re happy to see in action at several schools is a peanut butter bar. It takes the concept of an ice cream or frozen yogurt bar to another level and it’s an easy as the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich:

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Spotted in Atlanta: Nutritious Breakfasts and Snacks with Peanut Butter


In a recent segment on NBC’s 11 Alive’s Atlanta & Company, Registered dietitian Rachel Brandeis shared how many Americans fall short on important nutrient recommendations. It’s especially easy to miss out on a nutrient-dense breakfast during rushed weekdays, affecting both energy levels and weight management.

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How To Keep Spring Break Affordable and Fun

Family Spring Break

Whether you’re looking at a staycation or far-away adventure, Sue from Fieldtrips with Sue is here to show how it’s possible to save and make sure it’s a fun experience for all.

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And You Thought They Were Just a Snack…

Perfectly Powerful Peanut Ad

Peanuts are America’s most preferred nut. Yet, sometimes they don’t get the credit they deserve as part of a nutritious diet. Last winter, we gave you a first look at National Peanut Board’s new campaign, The Perfectly Powerful Peanut. We’re proud that the brand’s new look and slogan hit the stands in April. Advertisements in some of your favorite magazines convey how peanuts provide seven grams of plant-based protein, 30 essential vitamins and minerals, and are considered a heart healthy food.

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Calling all PB & J Lovers! April 2 is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Day Feature

Do you have a soul mate? Somebody who just “gets” you, who stays with you through thick and thin? People say you go together like Bert and Ernie, Fred and Ginger, salt and pepper or…peanut butter and jelly! Today is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day and what better way to celebrate (besides fixing your soul mate the classic sandwich) than to buy a peanut butter and jelly-inspired gift that lets him or her know, “we go together.”

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National Peanut Month Staff “Best Pick” Recipes: Jewel, Thai Peanut Noodle

Thai Noodle with Peanuts

One of my favorite Friday night meals to make when I don’t feel like cooking a hearty meal or grabbing take out is an easy Thai Peanut Noodles.

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