To Southerners, the combination of peanuts and Coca-Cola® are what peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are to the rest of the country: pure joy that takes you to another time and place.

Although I grew up in South Carolina and Georgia, I discovered the Coke® and peanuts tradition later than most. When my now-husband put a sleeve of salted peanuts in his Coke® on a road trip to the beach in North Carolina a few years ago, I was about to seriously reconsider spending time with this guy.

Fortunately instead of catching a ride back home, I tried it and immediately understood the appeal! The icy-cold Coca-Cola® and the salty crunch of peanuts are one of those combinations that sound crazy enough to be delicious.

If you haven’t tried it, pick up a six pack of Coca-Cola® in glass bottles and put them in the very back of the fridge. After you’ve spent a long hot afternoon doing yard work or otherwise working up a thirst in the summer sun, head inside, pop the top off the cool bottle and pour in about an ounce of salted peanuts. Then drink up and savor a tasty Southern summer tradition no matter where you live.

Coca-Cola® recently highlighted the origins of the tradition of Coke® and peanuts in an article by food historian Rick McDaniel and they also have a how-to for another Southern tradition—boiled peanuts! Plus, they shared a recipe for a Coke®-and-peanuts-inspired Virginia peanut pie from Atlanta’s JCT Kitchen.

Photo by Ashley Callahan. 

Homepage image courtesy of Sweet Tea with Cindy.