Peanut Farmers Donate
(L to R) NPB’s Bob Coyle; Deena Harrell, spouse of Georgia Delegate John Harrell; CEO of Crisis Ministries Stacey Denaux; and NPB President and Managing Director (2000-2012) Marie Fenn.

Peanut Butter is the Number One Food Donated to Food Banks in the U.S.

And for good reason. Peanut Butter is a Superfood with seven grams of protein in one serving (more than any other nut) and 30 nutrients and phytonutrients. If you want to pack a punch of essential nutrients in one donation to feed the hungry, peanut butter is a great choice.

We are committed to helping people and volunteer organizations worldwide thrive in their commitments to feed the hungry. We hope you will be inspired, as we are, by these stories of communities who are providing food for citizens in need.

$10,000 Donated by America’s Peanut Farmers in 2012

When thousands of people voted on Facebook for their favorite way to eat peanut butter for breakfast, America’s peanut farmers donated $5 to feed the hungry. The results? The National Peanut Board’s “Peanut Butter for Breakfast” program supplied two nonprofit organizations with two checks of $5,000 each to help feed the hungry.

In May, America’s peanut farmers presented Crisis Ministries with a $5,000 donation to help in the organization’s efforts to end homelessness and hunger in Charleston, S.C.
“Our soup kitchen alone provides an average of 175 meals per day to anyone in the community who is in need,” said Stacy Denaux, CEO, Crisis Ministries. “Over 200,000 meals per year are prepared and served with a food budget of $0.”

Cindy Belch, former NPB chairman and North Carolina delegate and Marie Fenn, former NPB president present $5,000 to Caleb Zigas, executive director of La Cocina.

In August, National Peanut Board presented a $5,000 donation to La Cocina, based in San Francisco.

La Cocina cultivates low-income food entrepreneurs from minority and immigrant communities as they start businesses by providing affordable commercial kitchen space, technical assistance and access to market and capital opportunities.

“Like many of our clients, the farmers at the National Peanut Board epitomize the best in food—folks who are hard-working, sincere and make a living doing something that they love to do,” said Caleb Zigas, executive director, La Cocina.

Giving Back Around the World

Peanut Butter for the Hungry is a humanitarian initiative of the U.S. peanut industry to help malnourished children in places where resources are severely limited. Peanut Butter for the Hungry collaborates with food banks across the United States and donates peanut paste for the development of ready-to-use therapeutic foods (RUTF). Visit to learn more.