(Pictured: Virginia peanut farmer Jeffrey Pope)

If you could pin down one attribute most responsible for improving life, it would have to be ENERGY. It provides a necessary sparks that leads to solutions. It can be said ENERGY is the antidote for the impossible.

Peanuts have more protein than other nut. And protein is the foundry of our energy reserves. Here are our 10 Beliefs which serve as guideposts for all we do.

We Believe In

Sustainable agricultural practices. We care deeply about the product we nurture and grow, and the land that makes it possible. As farmers, we always seek to tread lightly and responsibly as we can on the land, leaving a legacy for ourselves and succeeding generations.

Providing wholesome, USA-grown foods. Peanuts have more energy-boosting protein than any nut, plus more than 30 essential nutrients and phytonutrients. Peanuts are cholesterol-free and gluten-free; and eating a handful of nuts, including peanuts, has been shown to help fight heart disease.

Innovation. We’ve seen a burst of creativity connected with peanuts and peanut products in the past 10 years. That’s why we’re more than allies of innovation; we are, and will always be, champions of it.

The fit life. We seek to establish and reinforce lifelong habits of healthful eating and solid nutrition to help athletes, both young and old, get the most out of their performance, whatever their choice of activity.

Leadership in health and nutrition. We will continue to lead and be a trusted resource for health professionals, educating and working side by side to help improve healthy eating options at and away from home. And since our children are our future, we work closely with school food service providers to help create healthful and delicious menus.

Uncovering new markets and opportunities. The landscape of our business is constantly changing. We must not only change with it, but also embrace change as a catalyst. We will continue to provide creative, healthful and appealing options for consumers worldwide.

Making a difference for food allergy sufferers. Addressing food allergy issues has been at the forefront of our activities from the Board’s inception. We have devoted more than $10  million dollars to various research, outreach and education programs aimed at managing, mitigating—and hopefully, one day, eliminating food allergies, including peanut allergies.

The peanut’s possibilities. Peanuts, peanut butter and peanut products are in an overwhelming majority of households and have been for generations.  It is their unique ability to go from the familiar to the exotic that helps make peanuts the most preferred nut by U.S. consumers. We will continue to explore the culinary possibilities our product invites—from one end of the globe to the other.

Fighting malnutrition and hunger. We are devoted to helping end hunger, here and abroad. U.S. peanut butter is the primary ingredient in therapeutic meals that are, at this moment, helping save thousands of lives around the world.

Peanuts give you the energy to live your good life. We have a long and established connection to good times, good feelings and the good life, and we are ever mindful, humbled and appreciative of that.