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Spring is a popular time to invite guests into your home for a weekend brunch.

A recent article in USA Today, talks about brunch being the most important meal of the day during the weekend. It is a time for people who have an appreciation for food to gather together.

The article also focuses on the rise of brunch clubs in cities throughout the United States.

“Thankfully, brunching tends to be a wallet-friendly endeavor, whether eaten out or cooked at home,” said Natalie Ermann Russell contributing writer for USA Today.

Consider planning a Peanut Butter lovers brunch club in your local town or at home once a month. This is an opportunity for you to try all of the peanut butter items on menus at restaurants around town or try your favorite peanut butter recipes with your friends.

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Here are a few peanut butter dishes to serve at your next brunch:


Do you host a Peanut Butter lovers brunch once a month?  We would love to hear about it in a comment below.