Growing up, I was extremely involved in Girl Scouts. I remember spending every fall going door-to-door in my neighborhood selling Girl Scout cookies.  Each year around that time people would begin to call and request their orders. My mother was my troop leader and I served until I was a Senior Girl Scout.

According to Girl Scouts of the USA, more than 50 million American women enjoyed being Girl Scouts during their childhood. It’s amazing how the Girl Scouts have been a major influence in shaping girls’ lives around the country.

The Girl Scouts are celebrating their 100th year anniversary this year and I thought I would join in on the party by sharing a few of my favorite unique recipes using Do Si Dos® and Tagalongs®. It’s amazing how bloggers have turned a traditional Girl Scout cookie into a culinary masterpiece.

Husband and wife Team Kevin and Amanda made these Girl Scout Cookie Tagalong ® cake bars. They said this yummy dessert changed their life!

Two makes better than one! The blog Sugar Derby featured a recipe for a Do Si Dos® & Tagalong ®Bundt Cake that looks out of this world.

Consider making these mini peanut butter parfaits with Tagalongs ® for your next dinner party.

If somehow you’ve happened to run out of Girl Scout cookies already, try making Do Si Dos® at home with this recipe from Brown Eyed Baker.