In the coming weeks, millions of college students will convene on campuses throughout the United States. The university dining facilities will be visited by thousands of thousands each day. If you are lucky your dining hall will have dishes with peanuts and peanut butter on its menu weekly. We’ve searched around the country to find that several university and colleges are developing unique recipes that incorporate peanuts and peanut butter into their daily menus.

It’s important to start your day with a balanced breakfast, and students at UMass and SUNY Cobleskill love the customized peanut butter bars on campus as an anytime option. Students can make their bagels, wraps and sandwiches anyway they want with peanut butter with various toppings like honey, granola, and fruit.

Students at Saint Louis University can enjoy a Thai peanut chicken salad sandwich for lunch in the Au Bon Pain located in the Busch Student Center.

At Perdue University students can dig into a bowl of African peanut chicken stew or a chicken peanut stir fry for dinner after a long day of classes.

Does your college or university have unique peanut and peanut butter menu items? Tell us the name of the school and dish below.

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