Did you just finish your last drop of peanut butter? In honor of World Environment Day today, we thought we would share eco-friendly ways to recycle and reuse your peanut butter jar.

Have extra change sitting around? Cut a slit into the top of your peanut butter jar and you have a homemade bank. Check this post from the Eco Chic on how to make one.

Summer is just around the corner! Which means families across the country will be embarking on their next road trip. We’ve found that a peanut butter jar is the perfect way to store snacks for the road.

A kid’s play area can often get messy and unorganized; using a peanut butter jar to store small toys like cars and crayons is a safe and kid-friendly way to keep things neat.

DIY gifts are a great way to save money by using things you already have at home. We’ve found a unique way to wrap cookies for your next cookie exchange by using the peanut butter container as a cookie jar.