Peanut Butter & Beyond: Fuel Your STEM Adventures

Poster for the Peanut Butter & Beyond contest with a picture of Taylor Richardson drawn with a space helmet.Sep 1, 2023

The universe is about to get nutty! Peanuts deliver 7 grams of powerful protein to help fuel your student STEM adventures. School nutrition pros and STEM educators who submit the best idea in the galaxy will win prizes valued at $10,000, including a virtual visit from STEM advocate Astronaut Starbright, mobile STEM labs, peanutty prizes for students and more!

Entry period open August 15-September 30, 2022. *DEADLINE EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 14, 2022!*

Enter in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Identify partners (School Nutrition + STEM).
  2. Review resources below and brainstorm a creative way to combine peanuts and STEM learning for students.
  3. Complete the entry form.

Enter here.

3…2…1…we have liftoff! DYK peanut butter has been to space? It’s true! Astronauts make cosmic versions of PB&Js for a tasty snack. And, here on Earth, NASA controllers eat peanuts for good luck during shuttle launches.

From scientist George Washington Carver to the botany of the plant, peanuts and peanut butter are the star of many STEM stories. Check out our Fun Facts Poster here.

Now the National Peanut Board asks school nutrition professionals and educators to bond together like two elements and submit the best idea in the nutty-verse featuring peanuts and a STEM topic.

Download Lesson Inspirations here.
View Judging Criteria here.

The grand-prize winning school will receive a live virtual visit from youth STEM-advocate Astronaut Starbright (aka Taylor Richardson), peanut buttery prizes, mobile STEM labs and a peanut butter donation to their local food bank. Two runner-up schools will receive $1,000 grant for a STEM or healthy eating project (like mobile STEM labs, school garden, food pantry, science fair, backpack program, educational content subscription).


About Astronaut Starbright (Taylor Richardson)

College freshman at Spelman College Taylor Richardson is an advocate, activist, philanthropist and speaker. She wants to be a physician, scientist and astronaut. Taylor’s service and advocacy work continue to have an incredible trajectory that began when she was nine and attended Space Camp in Alabama. Taylor has raised over $250,000 to help girls interested in STEM and has been on the covers of two Scholastic Science magazines in 2017 and 2018 and was 2017 Girl of the Year for Women in Aviation.


Why schools?
Peanuts and peanut butter are nutritious, affordable, versatile and taste great, which are all important factors for school nutrition pros and students. Learn more at

What about peanut allergies?
Managing peanut and other common food allergens is essential to help keep students with allergies safe. Thankfully, it’s possible and there are helpful resources available. Learn more at

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