We Are Peanuts

Being a farmer is something you are because you can’t imagine being anything else. The deep connection to the earth…the daily challenge of anticipating and responding to Mother Nature…and the overwhelming sense of satisfaction that comes with producing a food that people count on every day are all part of a farmer’s DNA.

That gratification goes double for peanut farmers. At the end of the day, we take pride in knowing we’ve brought hundreds of millions of people a product that is versatile, affordable, tasty and nutritious.

At the National Peanut Board, we strive to help America’s 7,000 peanut-farming families improve their production practices and continue to put the world’s highest-quality peanut product in the hands of people around the globe. We do this so peanut growers can continue to farm the land that, for many, has been in their family for generations. And through research, marketing and promotion efforts, we’re committed to strengthening your love of America’s favorite nut, too.

You see, we may be a little biased. But we think everything is better with peanuts. Baseball is better. A meal or snack is better. Your workout is better. That must be why peanuts are more popular than ever. If you’re here, it’s probably because you share our passion and want to learn more. You’ve definitely come to the right place.

Our Mission

We work to improve the economic condition of USA peanut farmers and their families through compelling promotion and groundbreaking research.

 An aerial view of a tractor in a field.

Our values

We Believe in Peanuts

Wholesome, USA-grown Peanuts: Our peanuts are a healthy and affordable plant-based food with 7 grams of protein, more protein than any other nut and more than 30 essential nutrients.

Wellness Advocates: We support delicious and nutritious eating, including access to both, for people of all ages worldwide. We’re also an evidence-based resource for consumers and health professionals.

Food Allergy Champions: We’re committed to preventing, managing and ending peanut allergies.

Good Stewards: America’s peanut farmers take pride in sustainably and responsibly growing a beloved food that nurtures families, communities and the land — today and for generations to come.

Innovative: U.S. peanut farmers are the most efficient in the world, as a result of our commitment to funding production research. And from retail to food service, we inspire creative peanut products and menu items.

Values Driven: We operate honestly, ethically, fairly and in ways that engender trust among our stakeholders, consumers and the communities we serve.

To learn more about the National Peanut Board’s vision, mission, values, strategies and initiatives, check out the Strategic Plan.