Production Research Database

Since 2001, the National Peanut Board (NPB) has allocated more than $48.5 million toward state and industry production research.


NPB has leveraged over $1.9 million of NPB and other industry partners' funds to receive over $4.2 million in matching dollars from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA). Each year, we allocate funding for state and regionally identified research programs to maximize value for the dollar, eliminate duplication, encourage collaboration and eliminate gaps.

A dime here, a dollar there — when it comes to research, it all adds up to keeping peanut production affordable for farmersand competitive on the world market.

Click here for a Return on Investment report showing positive ROI for NPB production research and marketing/promotion programs. Check out our Production Research Database for more details on NPB-funded research.

Header image: Oklahoma peanut researcher Kelly Chamberlain. Credit: USDA-ARS photographer Stephen Ausmus

Production Research Database

Project description
1Optimizing Fungicide Inputs for Control of Foliar and Soil borne Fungal Pathogens in Partially Resistant and Susceptible Peanut CultivarsSoutheast (GA, FL, AL)2001Pest/DiseaseCulbreath
2Aflatoxin Risk Index Development and ValidationSoutheast (GA, FL, AL)2001Pest/DiseaseBowen
3Integrated Management of Root-knot and other Soil-borne Disease Problems by the Combined use of Winter Cover Crops, Reduced Tillage, Crop Rotation and Other Practical Measures for Suppressing the Causal AgentsSoutheast (GA, FL, AL)2001Pest/DiseaseRodriguez-Kabana
4Improving Peanut Competitiveness Through Water Management by Drip Irrigation Using Twin and Single Rows in a Two-Year Cotton RotationSoutheast (GA, FL, AL)2001Production/AgronomicsHartzog
5Molecular Approaches Toward Producing TSWV-Resistant PeanutSoutheast (GA, FL, AL)2001Breeding/Genetics/BiotechGallo-Meagher
6Peanut Breeding and Variety Development and Seed IncreasesSoutheast (GA, FL, AL)2001Breeding/Genetics/BiotechGorbet
7Peanut Breeding for Improved Quality and Multiple Pest ResistanceSoutheast (GA, FL, AL)2003Breeding/Genetics/BiotechCoInvestigator - Gorbet
8Sustaining Cost-Effective Peanut Production in a Long-Term Peanut -Cotton RotationSoutheast (GA, FL, AL)2001Production/AgronomicsJohnson
9Peanut Breeding and Variety Development and Seed IncreasesSoutheast (GA, FL, AL)2002Breeding/Genetics/BiotechGorbet
10Economic Analysis of the Production Research for the Southeast Peanut ProducersSoutheast (GA, FL, AL)2001Production/AgronomicsFletcher