Day in the Life of a College Athlete Series

Lettering in a comic style with the words Day In The Life.Sep 1, 2023

Ever wonder how college athletes balance it all? Between eating well, staying fit and having a social life, college athletes have much more on their plates than most college students. One thing all college athletes have in common is their focus on putting the right food in their bodies. Peanuts are a great snack for college athletes and especially for soccer players because they provide the fat necessary to give sustained energy when doing intense exercise like running up and down a field.

National Peanut Board and The18 teamed up with two D1 college soccer players to get the scoop on what a week in the life of a college athlete is like and how peanuts are the ultimate teammate. In the first episode, we follow senior midfielder Sydney Sharp as she attends team practices and meetings, rehabs her injured knee and attends class among other things. In the second episode, we see how sophomore forward Riley Lynch’s week is structured and how peanuts play a role in his athletic career.

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