New Peanut Activities Bring Learning and Fun to the Kids in Your Life

a group of young children sitting next to each other reading a book.Jun 2, 2023

Do you spend a lot of your day with children? Whether you’re a teacher, parent, grandparent, favorite aunt or uncle, babysitter or school volunteer, chances are sometimes you want new and interesting ways to involve kids and hold their attention.

A new set of 12 easy-to-use peanut activity cards, Discover the Powerful Peanut, may be what you’re looking for. National Peanut Board and other peanut organizations teamed up with curriculum experts at American Farm Bureau Foundation to launch a new learning resource geared toward children in grades 3-5.

cover of "discover the powerful peanut collection" for kids

We want everyone to enjoy the peanut activities so we’ve made them available as a FREE download here. You can download just one of the 12 activities at a time or the whole packet.

There’s a relay race where kids work together to move the sun’s energy (cotton balls) from the sun to a peanut plant and then to paper sacks labeled with nutrients found in peanuts or challenge kids’ curiosity by solving a riddle about who invented peanut butter. (Hint: it wasn’t George Washington Carver.)

For quieter times, kids can read about real farm families and the kids who grow up there or crunch numbers as they calculate how much water their imaginary farms will need to grow good peanuts.

Kids may not notice, but adults will appreciate that the peanut activity cards are aligned to national educational standards and can be used digitally or printed.

The variety of peanut activities included in the set could not only enhance the classroom but also can be used in after-school programs, volunteer presentations in the school, for home-school or as a fun and educational family activity.

Julie Tesch of the American Farm Bureau Foundation said, “Incorporating fun food items, like peanuts, into a lesson activity engages children and makes learning fun.”

Discover the Powerful Peanut activity cards are made possible by U. S. peanut farmers and peanut industry organizations.

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