New Strategic Plan Sets Future Roadmap, Builds on Previous Success

a man holding a peanut vine in his hands in a fieldOct 30, 2023

By Lauren Highfill Williams

National Peanut Board (NPB) leadership undertook developing a new strategic plan in 2022. Approved by the Board in February 2023, the new strategic plan sets NPB’s mission, vision and strategies for success through 2025. The previous plan guided work through 2020, with a Board-approved extension through 2022 due to the pandemic.

NPB’s mission remains the same: to improve the economic condition of U.S. peanut farmers and their families through compelling promotion and groundbreaking research.

Highlights of key updates to the plan include:

Strategy I: Grow Consumption by Increasing the Passion for Peanuts Among Gen Z and Millennials

We’ll incorporate Gen Z into consumer promotions while maintaining a core focus on millennials. These groups are establishing their food preferences and can influence older and younger generations.

Strategy II: Drive Toward the Eradication of Peanut Allergy

With growing support for early introduction to prevent peanut allergy, the first FDA-approved treatment for peanut allergy and additional solutions in the pipeline, we are more strongly positioned to push toward a world beyond peanut allergy.

Strategy V: Channel the Value Growers See in NPB Into Greater Engagement

We’ve reincorporated engaging with peanut growers from underrepresented groups into the main strategic plan. We’ve also evolved from increasing industry awareness of NPB to active engagement.

Strategy VI: Position the Organization for a Sustainable Future

Recognizing that this plan takes us through the transition to a new CEO, we added this strategy to ensure NPB is fully prepared to evolve successfully.

The 2020/2022 plan met many of its goals. Highlights include:

Production Research

We’ve shaped the direction and focus of peanut production research to maximize the benefits for the American grower through collaborations with other industry groups, including projects with NIFA and genomics.

Grower & Industry Relations

The 2019 referendum resulted in a 93% approval rate. Additionally, the assessment calculation was updated to protect NPB should the marketing loan rate ever be adjusted downward.

Brand Reputation

The food allergy community at large no longer views NPB as an adversary, but instead as an empathetic partner in search of solutions. This has been achieved through NPB’s Allergy Council, partnerships with world-renowned researchers and continued relationship building.

Marketing & Promotion

Peanuts are the favorite nut of millennials. This generation tends to consume more and rate peanuts and peanut butter more favorably.

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