Peanut Better Your Space with Peanut-Inspired Wallpaper

decorations in front of two wallpapers inspired in peanuts.Aug 15, 2023

Everywhere you look, you see #homegoals. But where can you find true inspiration? In your pantry, of course!

To us, the best way to decorate your space is to just go nuts - with peanuts that is! Not only are peanuts a wonderfully versatile food, their unique shape and texture are also a source of inspiration. To help incorporate these mighty legumes into your home, we created digital wallpaper to Peanut Better Your Space.

A Nutty Interior

Our first design, “Bloomin’ Peanut,” is a beautiful botanical print that could fit in any home, but has the added fun of cute peanuts, striking the perfect balance of elegance and whimsy that are central to the cottagecore aesthetic.

Our second design, “That 70s Shell,” mixes a subtle peanut shape, bright earth tones, and graphic lines together to create a modern design with retro flair.

Let’s #PBYourSpace!

A little salty about the same old boring backdrop? Now you can download digital versions of both Bloomin’ Peanut and That 70s Shell to #PBYourSpace! So crack open your inner designer and redecorate your virtual office, playroom, bedroom, whatever!

So, whether you’re looking for the perfect Instagram backdrop or want to get a bit nutty in your next WFH meeting, we’ve got you covered. Click the images below to download our virtual wallpapers! Or if you’re on the fence about committing to the peanut aesthetic, head over to Instagram to try out our peanutty AR filter.

peanut crops pattern in a dark brown background.


retro style wallpaper of peanuts.


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