Raise the Bar on Entertaining with DIY PB&Js

A plate of toasts topped with fruits, jelly and peanut butter.Sep 1, 2023

Whether you’re hosting a party or entertaining for friends, the food you serve should be a memorable part of the event. Passed hors d’oeuvre are a little passé. Why not get your guests involved in a more interactive and inspiring way to nosh?

Try a do-it-yourself peanut butter sandwich bar to enliven your soirée. Start by setting up a peanut butter-jelly-scape in a central area. Put out a variety of ingredients and toppings for guests to customize their sandwich. Think outside of the box for the toppings. Peanut butter and potato chips or sweet pickles may sound bizarre, but you’ll be surprised at how many guests gravitate toward unusual options.

Use flavored peanut butters in addition to creamy and crunchy, and consider a variety of bread options as well. Some guests may just want fruit as the vehicle for their peanut butter, so consider offering fruit kabobs for them to slather on their peanut butter and toppings.

Finally, give them a little direction and inspire them with some sample flavor combinations. With guests having fun and engaged in the activity, and conversations about the creativity in everyone’s customized sandwich, the DIY peanut butter bar will be the pièce de résistance of any party.

Here’s some flavor combinations to get your own imagination going:

Infographic about 4 customizable PB&J recipes.

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