Snacking With Shells On

a person holding a handful of unshelled peanuts in their hands.Jun 2, 2023

There are thousands of ways to enjoy peanuts – from salted to satays to spread on your favorite snack. And while the National Peanut Board believes there’s no wrong way to enjoy peanuts, some Twitter and Instagram users aren’t convinced about one specific snacking preference: eating peanuts with the shells still on.

So we took to Twitter and Instagram, sharing a “Peanut Service Announcement” that encouraged snackers to keep on noshing and enjoying peanuts however they like. And to make sure shell-on fanatics felt supported, we dug into the archives on Twitter, going back almost a whole decade and reaching out to more than 100 people who had tweeted about unshelled peanuts over the years. We tweeted messages of lighthearted encouragement, all for the love of peanuts.

Fans went nuts over the topic:

  • ”Always have eaten with the shells on! Is there any other way!”
  • “Who eats the shell….”
  • “People look at me lik’ I'm a monster when I eat them with the shell on’ I'm glad to know there are others like me.”
  • “I...d’dn't know that was a thing.”

While to some it may not be conventional to eat unshelled peanuts, the National Peanut Board is here to say, you do you and keep on snacking.

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