Strategic Partnerships Create a More Delicious Future

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By Markita Lewis, MS, RDN

The National Peanut Board’s (NPB) work with the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) brings peanuts to the table by supporting the development of innovative menu items and addressing the challenges that foodservice operations face daily.

Every year, NPB is a corporate member of the CIA’s thought leadership initiatives to advance innovations in sustainability and food ethics, health and wellness, cultural diversity and inclusion.

NPB’s involvement with the CIA’s initiatives provides educational opportunities to corporate and executive chefs, foodservice directors, volume foodservice buyers, trade and consumer media and other industry opinion leaders.

Worlds of Flavor

The Worlds of Flavor Conference and Festival is held every fall in Napa, California. This highenergy event focuses on world cuisines, food cultures and flavor trends to showcase the old and new traditions of world cuisines that shape American palates and the food industry.

NPB has sponsored this event at various levels to showcase the role of peanuts in world cuisines and to connect with top chefs, food writers, food producers, food authorities and foodservice operators.

Most recently, NPB was the presenting sponsor for the 2022 event themed around Africa, and showcased recipes in their world marketplace, sponsored seminars and workshops, and featured breakfast items.

Menus of Change

Menus of Change is a joint initiative of the CIA and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Behind this initiative is the thought that changing menus is a powerful way to drive improvements in our health and planet and is the most important part of doing business in the restaurant and foodservice industry.

At the center of Menus of Change are the 24 principles of healthy, sustainable menus to help guide the future of the culinary profession and foodservice industry. NPB supports the plant-forward messaging of Menus of Change and connects with culinary leaders to create innovative solutions that bring the principles to life.

Healthy Menu R&D Collaborative

The Healthy Menus R&D Collaborative (HMC) is a solutionsoriented initiative for contract foodservice operations and chain restaurants to expand healthy food and beverage options available to consumers.

HMC has two in-person meetings held between the CIA campuses in Napa, California and Hyde Park, New York, with regular working-group calls throughout the year.

As a corporate member, NPB helps foodservice operators from different sectors understand how to use peanut products in their operations. This event also keeps NPB and operations up to date with consumer trends and insights, marketing strategies and innovative collaborations.

Global Culinary Plant-Forward Summit

The CIA’s Global Plant-Forward Culinary Summit is the practical translation of the Menus of Change initiative and is inspired by the cuisine-focused Worlds of Flavor event.

This summit features cooking demos and culinary strategy based on the framework of the 24 principles of healthy, sustainable menus. NPB’s involvement with the summit embodies the principle and goal to “move legumes and nuts to the center of the plate.” We help foodservice operators find ways to shift menus towards promoting health and sustainability with peanut products and bring transformational menu items to the market.

At the heart of everything, NPB’s collaborations with the CIA are about building relationships. We can connect with leaders across foodservice and culinary industries and help them discover and expand upon the ways that peanuts can transform menus for amazing customer experiences. The insights gained from our involvement with these programs also help inform areas within our strategic planning. Keeping up with trends and concerns present within the food industry guides how we can most effectively promote peanut consumption across the country.

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