We Grow Self-Care: How Peanuts Can Be Included In Comforting At-Home Routines

Life is nuts. Self-care is peanuts.Aug 15, 2023

By Amanda Lemein, MS, RD

Self-care routines are a cherished ritual for many people and can involve anything from beauty and skincare to simply lighting your favorite candle and creating a relaxing at-home spa experience. The wellness industry is filled with self-care products and practices, but peanuts are an unexpected addition to beauty and wellness routines that offer both nutritional and topical benefits. The goal of these routines may be different for each person, but the comfort they can provide is well aligned with the comforting flavors, scents and wellness-supporting benefits peanuts can offer.

Self-care rituals begin from the inside out for many, including nutrient-dense foods. Long respected as a healthy snack, peanuts provide more plant-based protein than any other nut with 7 grams per serving, along with more than 30 essential vitamins and minerals. Additionally, they are a good source of fiber and vitamin E, a dietary antioxidant, providing around 10% of the Daily Value for each.

Adding peanuts into an evening of self-care will not only provide nutritious fuel, but may also support skin health thanks to the vitamin E found in peanuts[1]. As a dietary antioxidant, vitamin E helps deactivate free radicals associated with oxidative stress that can increase cell damage[2]. Plus, red skin peanuts in particular may provide additional antioxidants as emerging research is ongoing to better understand the antioxidant levels and potential properties found in peanut skins*[3].

While peanuts deliver a variety of nutrient benefits, many may not be as familiar with some of the more topical benefits peanuts can provide, including those found in peanut oil. Thanks to its fatty acid profile and vitamin E content, peanut oil is one of the best-kept moisturizing secrets for both hair and skin. Best of all, peanut oil is highly accessible and affordable, and can be found at most grocery retailers, making it a beauty secret available to the masses.

To use as a finishing oil for hair, add a few drops of peanut oil to fingertips and work mid-length through the ends for added shine and moisture. For skincare, peanut oil can be added to any body care product for additional moisturizing benefits. Also, try adding a few drops to feet before bed and wearing socks while you sleep to enjoy the skin softening perks of peanut oil overnight.

Whatever one’s self-care ritual entails, peanuts can play a comforting role from the inside out. Consider adding peanuts into your self-care routine and be sure to check out the National Peanut Board’s ‘We Grow Self-Care' Giveaway to test out these comforting, peanut benefits at home.

*Disclaimer: The data for antioxidant capacity of foods generated by test-tube methods cannot be extrapolated to human effects. Clinical trials to test benefits of dietary antioxidants have produced mixed results.

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