Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Bread

thick slices of toasted bread with a nutty crust.

By: Sandra Mihic, Sandra's Easy Cooking

1 hour, 10 minutes

20 minutes

8 - Serving Size: 1 slice



1 cup whole milk

1/4 cup sour cream

2 large eggs

3/4 cup swerve granulating sugar

1 cup smooth peanut butter

1 3/4 cups gluten free flour

1 tablespoon baking powder

1 1/4 cups gluten free rolled oats, reserve 1/4 cup for the top

1 cup chocolate chunks or chips


Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Warm up about 2 cups of water and place peanut butter jar in the large cup of a saucepan. This method will soften the peanut butter. It will be easier to incorporate to the smooth constancy with the rest of the ingredients. You may also add peanut butter in the microwave-safe dish and use the melt method until peanut butter is completely soft. In a large bowl combine warm milk, sour cream, eggs, and soften peanut butter. Using an electric hand mixer, mix all the ingredients until smooth. Measure all the dry ingredients and combine them together. Once combined slowly add to the wet and with a spatula to prevent over mixing, combine wet and dry ingredients.

Pour into the loaf pan, lined with parchment paper if possible or use nonstick pan well-greased. Bake for 45-50 minutes in the middle rack of the oven. Make sure to check the bread after 20 minutes of baking. If the top of the bread is browning too fast, cover it with aluminum foil and then continue baking until the bread is cooked. You may remove the loaf from the baking pan after 10 minutes but allow the bread to cool down completely before slicing.

Notes: You may use:

Any brand of peanut butter that you prefer.

Chocolate or omit if you do not like it.

Regular flour instead of gluten free.

Regular sugar instead of swerve.

Nutrients Per serving

Total Fat27g
Saturated Fat9g
Trans Fat0g

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