Multipurpose Peanut Sauce

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By: Chef Garrett Berdan and verified for school crediting by

Total Servings: 80, Serving Size: 1 ounce portion



2 pounds, 8 ounces (4 cups) peanut butter

2 2/3 cups water

1 cup soy sauce, reduced sodium

6.8 ounces (1 cup) brown sugar

3/4 cup lime juice

1/2 cup toasted sesame seed oil

1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon ginger, ground

2 teaspoons garlic, granulated

1 teaspoon cayenne pepper or red pepper flakes (optional)


This recipe is scaled for K-12 school food service. For more information about peanuts in school food service, visit

Place the ingredients in a blender and blend on medium speed until smooth.

Alternately, place the ingredients into the bowl of a stand mixer and mix, using the whip attachment. Begin mixing on low speed until the ingredients come together. Then increase speed to medium-high and whip until smooth, about 2 minutes.

If using cold, hold for cold service at 41°F.

If using hot, heat to 165°F or higher for at least 15 seconds. Hold for hot service at 135°F or higher.

Crediting: 1 oz. poriton provides: .25 m/ma. (Note: a 2 oz. portion provides .5 m/ma. and you can serve with .5 oz peanut granules to increase crediting to 1 m/ma.)

Nutrients Per serving

Calories108kcalTotal Fat8.4gm
Saturated Fat1.5gmCholesterol 0mg
Sugar--gmVitamin A10IU
Dietary Fiber0gmVitamin C 1mg

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