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School Nutrition Pros Now Have a Peanut Power Toolkit

Discover how the Peanut Power Toolkit supports school nutrition professionals in providing healthy a...

Aug 30, 2023
How Peanuts can fit in School Nutrition

Explore how peanuts and school nutrition are the perfect partnership, offering a boost of essential ...

Sep 1, 2023
Peanuts in Schools

Learn how peanuts contribute to student nutrition. Discover their presence in school menus and their...

Sep 1, 2023
Beyond the Classics: Elevating Menus with the Power of Peanut

On average, Americans consumed 7.7 pounds of peanuts per capita in the last year, and peanut butter ...

Nov 13, 2023
NPB Changes the Conversation of Peanuts in Schools with Summer School Summit

In June, the National Peanut Board brought 25 influential school nutrition leaders together to host ...

Oct 30, 2023
Making School Breakfast Cool (and Safer): Adopting Top Trends & Managing Food Allergens

Explore trends in managing food allergens for a safer and cooler school breakfast experience.

Sep 1, 2023
How to be Fearless About Food Allergies in Schools

Get insights on managing food allergies confidently within school environments for a safe learning e...

Sep 1, 2023
The Peanut Podcast: The Behind the Scenes Power of Registered Dietitians

Discover how registered dietitians play a pivotal role in promoting peanuts' nutritional value in th...

Sep 1, 2023
Peanut Butter & Beyond: Fuel Your STEM Adventures

Are you a school nutrition or STEM educator professional? Enter the competition and share your great...

Sep 1, 2023
Peanut Butter Returns to Lee County Schools

Nutritious and delicious: Peanut butter is back on the menu in Lee County schools, providing a whole...

Sep 1, 2023

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