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Xolair Becomes First FDA-Approved Medication to Help Reduce Allergic Reactions to Multiple Foods

The FDA approved Xolair (omalizumab) to be used for reducing allergic reactions to multiple foods af...

Mar 4, 2024
How Peanuts can fit in School Nutrition

Explore how peanuts and school nutrition are the perfect partnership, offering a boost of essential ...

Sep 1, 2023
Grower and Industry Communications

The National Peanut Board communicates with its growers and all those involved in the peanut industr...

Aug 15, 2023
A Common Comfort: 6 Peanut Butter Treats You and Your Pup can Enjoy Together

It's no secret that pups and people share a common love of peanut butter.

Oct 6, 2023
Coming Soon: An Exciting Toolkit to Power Up Your School Breakfast with Peanuts

Want to power up your school breakfast participation? Be first in line for our breakfast toolkit.

Apr 29, 2024
WIC Package Final Rule Excludes Peanut Butter for Infants

On April 9, USDA announced the Final Rule on Revisions in the Women, Infant and Children (WIC) Food ...

Apr 23, 2024
Breaking the Peanut Allergy Misconception: Five Eye-Opening Insights

By exploring these five evidence-based insights, we unravel the misconceptions surrounding peanut al...

Apr 15, 2024
Why There is No Such Thing as a Peanut Oil Allergy

With so many viewpoints on the internet, it’s hard to know who to listen to – is peanut oil safe for...

Apr 12, 2024
Can you eat Chick-Fil-A if you have a peanut allergy?

Much to the satisfaction of millions, Chick-fil-A has used refined peanut oil for decades

Apr 12, 2024
Diversity Oversight Committee Meeting and Agricultural Tours Planned for April Board Meeting

The National Peanut Board will hold its quarterly Board and committee meetings in St. Louis, Missour...

Mar 21, 2024