National Peanut Board Employment Opportunity: President and Chief Executive Officer

A green field with rows of peanut crops.Sep 1, 2023

The National Peanut Board is a Research, Marketing and Promotion (RMP) organization funded and directed by peanut farmers with oversight from the Agricultural Marketing Service of USDA. The primary goals of NPB are to:

  • Increase domestic consumption of peanuts; Augment industry export activities;
  • Support and influence scientific research to make growing peanuts more efficient and productive;
  • Enhance the reputation of peanuts;
  • Lead the industry's efforts to address peanut allergy by funding research and conducting effective communication and educational programs targeting consumers, industry and medical professionals.

Since its authorization by Congress and approval in a referendum of peanut farmers conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2000, NPB has steadily grown in its prominence and effectiveness as a strong, marketing-driven organization. NPB's next President and Chief Executive Officer will be tasked with building on that positive momentum to fulfill an ambitious and far­ reaching strategic plan for further growth and success.

This position offers a special opportunity to lead a high-energy team passionate about peanuts and the people who produce and consume them. NPB functions as a sophisticated market­ development organization, focused on serving peanut producers and their families through the steady growth in demand critical to improved bottom lines. The position requires a leader capable of overseeing staff and external resources charged with a shared objective: successful implementation of a complex plan for expanding recognition and appreciation of the peanut as both a familiar food favorite and a highly nutritious, affordable and sustainable source of the plant protein needed by a hungry world.

The President/CEO must work collaboratively with other segments of the peanut industry, including organizations and individuals across the marketing chain from production to consumption. The President/CEO also must understand the special nature of NPB's relationship with federal agencies and departments, and at regular five-year intervals oversee both a comprehensive referendum among members on NPB's overall performance and progress toward achieving its mission, as well as the USDA-required assessment of the financial return on the investment in NPB made by the annual donations of peanut producers. The position demands political acumen, as well as the communication skills needed to connect effectively with diverse audiences and interests across both the public and private sectors. Candidates must represent NPB and peanut producers effectively in personal interactions, industry events and other situations important to the marketing program's objectives and NPB's mission. A willingness to travel and a dynamic, charismatic personality are important elements of the job. A collegial temperament and team-based approach to management are essential.

This multi-faceted nature of the President/CEO role with NPB provides a rare opportunity for candidates with proven skills and capabilities extending beyond traditional organizational management. The next person to have this job will play a central role as a champion for U.S. peanut producers, promoting the peanut industry as a vital component of our modern food system, and as a rewarding and satisfying vocation. Driving greater consumer recognition and public appreciation for peanuts as an important source of tasty, nutritious and affordable food products will be critical in achieving that mission. At the same time, the President/CEO will have a potentially career­ defining chance to play a significant and visible role in helping the world address the critical need for the plant proteins essential for a healthy diet. The President/CEO will thus advance true food security for literally millions of people everywhere, while enhancing the role played by the peanut sector in addressing vital societal concerns related to sustainability and environmental enhancement. Successful candidates will share this passion for the work done by NPB and the importance of the role of President/CEO in its success.

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