PQ 48

PQ 48 Is HereOct 30, 2023

Published twice a year, in the spring and fall, PQ brings you the latest in peanut news, food innovations, wellness and marketing. Read the full issue here. For more publications from the National Peanut Board, see our Grower and Industry Communications page. To see previous PQ issues, click here.

PQ 48 includes:

  • 47 Years in Peanuts: In 2012, the National Peanut Board hired Bob Parker to take over as president and CEO. During his tenure serving the Board and industry, Parker has created a lasting impact in production research, peanut allergy advancements and more.
  • New Strategic Plan Sets Future Roadmap, Builds on Previous Success: National Peanut Board leadership undertook developing a new strategic plan in 2022. Approved by the Board in 2023, the new strategic plan sets NPB’s mission, vision and strategies up for success through 2025.
  • Grower Voices: Michael Newhouse has been farming alongside his father and grandfather in Donley County, Texas for most of his life. They grow peanuts, cotton, hay and wheat, and raise cattle.
  • NPB Changes the Conversation of Peanuts in Schools with Summer School Summit: Due to ongoing supply chain challenges and staffing and retention issues, district leaders are looking for easy solutions to matters like food allergies. While banning peanut foods initially seems like the best solution to some, more districts are realizing the benefits of including peanuts on the menu and choosing management instead of bans.
  • Peanut-Inspired Takeaways From the Next Gen Food Summit: From presentations to menu items, peanuts were the star of the show at the Next Gen Food Summit. We have four ways to incorporate peanuts into current culinary trends.

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