Healthcare providers

The National Peanut Board can support Healthcare Providers in a variety of ways. Whether you're counseling parents on the right way to introduce peanuts to their baby or seeking to learn more about peanut nutrition, we have the tools to help you succeed.

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New Peanut Pros Certification Program for Registered Dietitians

Discover the Peanut Pro's Certification, a unique program for dietitians. Enhance your knowledge abo...

Jun 2, 2023
Eat Peanuts. But Don’t Forget the Peanut Butter, Too.

Embrace the wholesome goodness of peanuts and peanut butter for a well-rounded diet.

Sep 1, 2023
The Peanut Podcast Episode 16: “Healthy” Who Defines It Anyway?

The episode 16 delves into the multifaceted concept of 'healthy' and its different interpretations. ...

Sep 1, 2023
Making School Breakfast Cool (and Safer): Adopting Top Trends & Managing Food Allergens

Explore trends in managing food allergens for a safer and cooler school breakfast experience.

Sep 1, 2023
How to Get the Most Out of Your Plant-Based Iron

Learn how to optimize your iron intake from plant-based sources, including the role of peanuts in a ...

Sep 1, 2023
How to be Fearless About Food Allergies in Schools

Get insights on managing food allergies confidently within school environments for a safe learning e...

Sep 1, 2023
All About Heart Health

Learn about the connection between heart health and nutrition, and how peanuts can support your hear...

Sep 1, 2023
Food Allergies Can Negatively Impact Quality of Life, But There’s Hope

Discover how food allergies can affect quality of life and find hopeful strategies for better living...

Sep 1, 2023
Fight Hunger with Powerful Nutrition

Discover how the nutritional potency of peanuts contributes to fighting hunger and malnutrition.

Sep 1, 2023
Boosting Nutrition for Mom and Baby

Discover the peanut's advantage in enhancing nutrition for both mothers and their babies.

Sep 1, 2023
peanut root pulled from the ground