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The National Peanut Board can support Healthcare Providers in a variety of ways. Whether you're counseling parents on the right way to introduce peanuts to their baby or seeking to learn more about peanut nutrition, we have the tools to help you succeed.

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New Peanut Pros Certification Program for Registered Dietitians

Discover the Peanut Pro's Certification, a unique program for dietitians. Enhance your knowledge abo...

Jun 2, 2023
Eat Peanuts. But Don’t Forget the Peanut Butter, Too.

Embrace the wholesome goodness of peanuts and peanut butter for a well-rounded diet.

Sep 1, 2023
The Peanut Podcast Episode 16: “Healthy” Who Defines It Anyway?

The episode 16 delves into the multifaceted concept of 'healthy' and its different interpretations. ...

Sep 1, 2023
Why There is No Such Thing as a Peanut Oil Allergy

With so many viewpoints on the internet, it’s hard to know who to listen to – is peanut oil safe for...

Apr 12, 2024
Can you eat Chick-Fil-A if you have a peanut allergy?

Much to the satisfaction of millions, Chick-fil-A has used refined peanut oil for decades

Apr 12, 2024
Xolair Becomes First FDA-Approved Medication to Help Reduce Allergic Reactions to Multiple Foods

The FDA approved Xolair (omalizumab) to be used for reducing allergic reactions to multiple foods af...

Mar 4, 2024
Peanut Allergies: From Poster Child to Practical Progress

While less than 1% of Americans (including less than 2% of children) have a peanut allergy, some peo...

Mar 1, 2024
Finding a Solution to Peanut Allergies: A 20-year Journey of Courage, Innovation and Luck

The evidence-based guidance for preventing peanut allergy did not happen overnight. The 20-year jour...

Mar 1, 2024
Why You Don’t Need to Fear Sugar

Fear-mongering messages around sugar abound. Truthfully, it is not that simple – cutting out one ing...

Nov 28, 2023
Hit Your Health Reset Button for the New Year

After indulging in food and drink over the December holidays, the New Year is an opportunity to hit ...

Nov 28, 2023
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